Zelenskyi said the amount of Russian assets in Ukraine had been seized

In Europe and the United States, they are working to confiscate the property of the Russian Federation for the benefit of Ukraine. Photo: Office of the President

In Ukraine, Russian assets worth 28 billion hryvnias have already been forcibly seized.

More than 900 items belonging to the Russian Federation have been offered for confiscation. The president spoke about it Volodymyr Zelensky in the evening address in Telegram.

“And if you evaluate a set of assets not only of the terrorist state, but of its inhabitants, it is about 36,000 withdrawal positions. All of this will be aimed at the damage caused by the Russian War on Terror,” the president said.

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According to Zelenskyi, he was informed about the results of robotic groups for the development and implementation of the international compensation mechanism and the confiscation of Russian assets for the cordon.

“All of our partners are actively working on it – in Europe, in the United States, work is continuing on bills that expand the possibilities of confiscation in favor of Ukraine,” he said.

Россия Федерация агрессиїу задавала здоровів України на понад 1 trillion dollars.

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption compiled a list of 21 companies owned by the Russian Federation in Ukraine. They will be nationalized, and they will have to pay them.

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