These treasure hunt puzzles for kids are just the right amount of challenge


Whether you are planning a game for your child birthday party or need one fun indoor activity for a rainy day, nothing beats a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt. And while you will find many scavenger hunt ideas for kids online, sometimes it’s even more fun to create your own from scratch (especially if you want to customize it!). The first step, of course, is to choose the elements that will serve as clues for your hunt, and after that comes the trickiest part: writing down your treasure hunt puzzles. Feel stuck? We’ve got plenty of scavenger hunt puzzle ideas to get you started, and they’re perfect for kids of all ages.

Do you know which household item gets wetter as it dries? What about the object that has blades but is not a knife? Like all best puzzles, your scavenger hunt clues should inspire kids to think outside the box…but won’t leave them scratching their heads for hours. And while your puzzles don’t have to rhyme, it’s definitely a bonus when they do. Ready to start your DIY treasure hunt? Here are plenty of puzzles suitable for children it will encourage toddlers to think, laugh and, above all, work as a team.


I have four legs but no feet.

When you are tired, sit down.


I will protect you on a stormy day.

Put me down, and I’ll blow.


Tall and thick, all houses have me.

To open me, you will need a key.

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I tend to get wet as I dry.

Before you shower, hang me close.


Give me a pat and I’ll give you foam.

I’m useful when you’re covered in mud.


This flat box stores color and sound.

In the living room, it can be found.


You fill me up and drain when done.

Add some bubbles for more fun.


Sweet and plump, I’ll be here.

Throughout your dreams, you will keep me close to you.


I keep your books safe in my bag.

Zip me up – I’m here for you.


Take a look at my reflection.

You will be satisfied with your complexion.


When you are hungry, give me bread.

It will turn into toast and feed you.

Photo credit: Women's Day

Photo credit: Women’s Day


I have blades but I am not a knife.

Want to refresh yourself? Just bring me to life.


In me you will find coats and shoes.

Keep me tidy so you know who’s who.


My chime can be loud or soft.

It’s time to get up, when I’m leaving.


I am a space built for a car.

Inside me are the lawn tools.


Food too cold? I can give it a zap.

I heat up popcorn and other snacks.


Near the TV I can be found.

Push my buttons, and I’ll give you the sound.

Washing machine

Dirty clothes go in this machine.

Whites or colors, it will make them soak.

Ironing board

I have legs but I fold flat.

I keep the clothes spotless without the laundry.


I’m always ready to make a milkshake.

Getting hold of me would be a mistake.

Photo credit: Women's Day

Photo credit: Women’s Day


I have teeth but no mouth.

Use me to detangle your hair.


Light me up when it gets dark at night.

My luminosity beats candlelight.


I can’t mix the dough, but I can bake a treat.

Make sure I have time to preheat.


I am a dough that does not stick.

Twice a day my cap you unscrew.

Mail boxes

I am not a pole, but I have a flag.

I am filled with letters from a bag.

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