The Spanish Tax Agency announces that it ignores debts below a certain amount



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Debts below a certain amount that cost more to collect than they are worth will no longer be pursued by the Spanish Tax Agency.

The Spanish Tax Agency is known to be relentless when it comes to collecting the debts that citizens incur with the Treasury. But when it comes to small amounts, the Treasury will be more benevolent in the future.

As indicated in the Official State Gazettedebts contracted from June 1, 2022, and those that are less than three euros, will be filed by the Tax Agency.

This measure will come into effect next Wednesday, November 30. As the Treasury explains, this measure was decided for “strictly economic” reasons, given that its amount is “insufficient” to cover the cost of its collection.

In other words, and as reported by the Trabajo News portal, it is not profitable for the Tax Agency to pursue these debts, so future actions that involve “zero profit” for the Treasury will be rejected.

Concretely, according to the ministry, the Treasury will refrain from collecting “liquidations whose levy generates costs greater than the resources that could possibly be drawn from them”, as reported


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