The PS5 is attracting an obscene amount of FUD right now


Let’s see the truth here: Both consoles will be powerful in their own way.

I have a feeling that Sony’s ray tracing solution won’t be as powerful as Microsoft Series X. Mark Cerney said it’s part of the hardware, but Microsoft has made it one of the main features of the architecture – so much so that the system has a custom solution for ray-traced graphics / audio.

I am still confused about Sony’s SSD solution. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing that the company has managed to achieve such a high solid-state bandwidth compared to what’s currently available, but from an end-user perspective, there are plenty of reasons for this. which developers like it won’t mean much to us. This will mainly mean that the games will have less data flow optimizations in the code on Sony’s machine compared to Microsoft’s. I’m also worried that this will also mean that the file sizes for PS5 games will be larger just because “it can handle it”.

Microsoft’s SSD solution is just as capable of producing the same results (no “load sections”, “instant” game loads, etc.), but will require developers to be a bit smarter about how the data is handled. are loaded. It will really depend on the game.

Open world games will likely be the only type of game where the PS5 significantly outperforms the X Series, as the PS5 can load more environmental details faster – resulting in longer draw distances with little to no pop-in. visible (again, depending on the amount of data needed to make the environment).

That’s not to say the X Series will be set back – I mean it could load up all of Witcher 3 or Skyrim in seconds – the PS5 can just do it faster.

However, the CPU / GPU still needs to have the muscle to handle it all. So while the PS5 can stream data faster, the X series can handle more at a time than the PS5 and therefore can deliver a more stable frame rate.

A game like FIFA will likely be instant loading for both systems, unless the amount of data required to load a match exceeds Microsoft’s maximum I / O speed (which could put Microsoft’s machine at loads. 1 or 2 seconds). Where the X-Series could overtake the PS5 is that the X-Series could run at a higher native resolution at better frame rates – especially if there are ray tracing effects used in the game to stadium lighting (if I’m right about my assumption that the X-series will handle the rays better traced effects).

I say “may” because we have no basis for comparison. Until the systems come out and Digital Foundry gets their hands on cross-platform titles, we just won’t know which system comes out as the best overall experience for said game.

Although measuring TFLOPs is not necessarily a good indicator of performance due to the various modern techniques available to developers (Variable Rate Shading, AI-based scaling [DLSS for lack of a better term], Dynamic Resolution Scaling, etc.), there is always an advantage to having the most powerful hardware when it comes to overall picture quality and maintaining frame rates.

Now, regarding “overheating issues” – this is such a stupid rumor. The PS5 will simply reduce its clock speeds to help keep temperatures low where Microsoft has a unique approach to its internal components to keep temperatures low (having frequencies locked, I’m sure, helped develop the solution. cooling for Microsoft).

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