The Broken Elden Ring achievement gives players a massive amount of runes instantly



A new Elden Ring exploit has been discovered that allows players to earn thousands of runes with little effort. The boss bug will increase your levels quickly.

In FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, players are thrown into the fractured Lands Between. Throughout the expansive open-world title, the map is littered with dangerous enemies that can take you down with a single blow.

Players discovered a new exploit to defeat a boss at the start of the game almost instantly. The trick allows users to farm thousands of runes and increase their character levels.


A new exploit allows players to instantly defeat a mini-boss in Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring boss achievement rewards a massive amount of runes early in the game

The exploit was first discovered by the gaming YouTuber ‘Mida’s life crisis‘. In a video titled “42,000 runes in less than a minute – without fighting anything”, the content creator showed how players can level up quickly in Elden Ring.

Those who got their Torrent Horse early in the game can head east from Limgrave to the red territory known as Caelid. Heading northeast of the location, you’ll find a mini-boss called Night’s Cavalry next to Lenne’s Rise.

Unlike other boss encounters, however, the YouTuber reveals that you can defeat the NPC without fighting him. In the video, the narrative shows their character crossing a bridge and past the Dark Knight. After the enemy gives chase through a poisonous path, the Night Cavalry dies within seconds, instantly rewarding the player with 42,000 runes.

How to do the Night’s Calvary achievement in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Caelid map Screenshot of Night's Cavalry location.

  1. After getting your Torrent Horse, travel east from Limgrave to Caelid.
  2. Head to the very north of the map until you reach Lenn’s Rise, which is against the eastern wall next to the ocean.
  3. Touch Grace’s site next to Lenne’s Rise and save. At the security point, select “wait until dark”.
  4. Head north and cross the nearby bridge. You should see the Night’s Cavalry mini-boss patrolling the end of the bridge.
  5. Use your house to move past him to start the battle but don’t engage him. Continue past it and follow the path that winds up the hillside to the Bestial Sanctum.
  6. You will be poisoned and the enemy will also receive damage. Keep rolling until you come up the hill. You will then receive a message indicating that the mini-boss has been defeated.
  7. You should now have 42,000 runes without having to lift a finger.
  8. Players may have to try multiple times as you have to roll at a certain pace so the boss doesn’t roll over. Also make sure you don’t get hit at all as a single hit will kill you.

It is not clear if From software will fix this so players looking to level up quickly at the start of the game should act now before any future updates.

From reports, it appears that the mini-boss didn’t die from the poison, but rather the game accidentally resurrected him from the side of a cliff.

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