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The nonprofit organization Clean Up The Lake (CUTL) has launched an extensive underwater cleanup at Fallen Leaf Lake, revealing the dirtiest mile in the Tahoe Basin to date.

In the history of this small but mighty and often overlooked lake, there has never been an underwater cleanup of this magnitude.

Local canned cocktail company Spiked Lemonade from TIF initiated initial financial support followed by BlueZone Sports totaling contributions to the project at $15,000.

In an effort to fully fund the project, CUTL is asking for community support to raise an additional $15,000 through a GoFundMe campaign. For every donation, Spiked and TIF’s BlueZone will match every dollar up to $15,000 with a total campaign goal of $30,000!

So how dirty is it? Well, the CUTL dive team of volunteers and crew members removed 3,000 pounds of trash and 100 tires from just one mile of shore.

“With new data collected at Fallen Leaf Lake, the organization has had the opportunity to shine a light on the magnitude of this pollution problem and how remediation projects like this should be prioritized among efforts. environment in areas around polluted lakes. in the Sierra and across the country,” said Zac Smith, outreach coordinator for CUTL.

Dive teams circumnavigate the globe and remove underwater trash from the entire underground shoreline of Fallen Leaf Lake.

During the circumnavigation, the divers also record data on heavy trash, hotspots, and possible historical artifacts and implement their new effort to monitor the presence of any invasive species and algal booms they encounter.

This is the first step in CUTL’s five-step remediation strategy.

This approach is already underway and demonstrating its effectiveness in Lake Tahoe and Lake Donner which are now in their monitoring phases. In total, the organization removed 46,434.5 pounds of waste from freshwater lakes.

CUTL’s large-scale dive cleanups in freshwater lakes have proven to be an effective and much-needed way to combat the degradation of plastics and litter that CUTL has shown to exist in many water systems. gentle.

Decades of anthropogenic waste has accumulated at the bottom of our local lakes; negatively impacting water quality, habitat, as well as recreational and aesthetic value. Through the removal of this waste, we hope to engage the community, improve water quality, and raise community awareness and education.

This GoFundMe will help defray the costs of scuba diving cleanup and sanitation around Fallen Leaf Lake. Project funding will cover project planning, implementation and data analysis of our findings.

The completion of this project will directly contribute immeasurable benefits to human and environmental health for future generations. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us carry out this groundbreaking project.

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