Rookie Kobe Bryant Jersey Sells For Incredible Money



More than two years after his tragic death, the memories of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant have taken on even greater value.

Jerseys, other game-worn gear, and basketball cards are among the items that have gained considerable value. For example, a very rare Kobe Bryant card went for $2 million in February.

Now, a Bryant jersey worn by his rookie season’s playoff game has been sold for an even higher sum.

Going through Lakers Daily:

“Recently, a game-worn Bryant jersey, which he used in his first playoff run, reportedly sold for over $2 million.

“‘The Lakers jersey worn by Kobe Bryant in his first playoff series – the only one publicly known / available – has just been sold for a ridiculous amount of money…$2,735,546 million, to be exact!’ TMZ Sports reported.

“”The talks were on the SCP auction block…and after 26 bids, the Lakers’ purple and gold home jersey went to 7 figures. “”

As a rookie in the 1996-97 season, Bryant didn’t play much, averaging just 15.5 minutes per game in the regular season and 14.8 minutes per game in the playoffs. His performance was as sporadic that year as his playing time.

After the Lakers overtook the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the 1997 playoffs, they lost to veteran Utah Jazz in five games in the Western Conference Semifinals.

In the final game of this series, Bryant infamously fired several airballs in critical time.

It took him three more years to start collecting championship rings while coming back to the big games time and time again.

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