Realistic Devil May Cry Dante statue costs a ridiculous amount of money


An elite statuesmaker is working on an incredibly detailed sculpture of Dante from Devil May Cry that could make fans’ wallets cry.

devil may cry dante prime 1 studio figure

The The devil can cry hack-and-slash show fighters series prides itself on being cool, and sometimes that desire to capture style as substance leads in unexpected directions. Right now, it looks like the franchise has decided that even its official personas need to be as over the top as possible, with an unusually realistic The devil can cry 5 Dante figures thousands of dollars.

Prime 1 Studio recently revealed the High Definition Museum Masterline Devil May Cry 5 Dante Figure, which is a 1/2 scale recreation of the more grizzled appearance of the legendary Devil Hunter from the 2019 title. This isn’t the first time this elite statuesmaker achieves an intricate sculpture of a The devil can cry character, but it is perhaps the most expensive The devil can cry figure again.


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While this statue of Dante only includes one character, unlike the previous V-sculpture that accompanied his familiars, the level of detail Prime 1 Studio managed to incorporate is incredible. He is 43 inches tall, weighs 30 kilograms and is armed with his Rebellion sword and iconic weapons, Ebony and Ivory. This statue is part of the Museum Masterline series, featuring high quality fabric clothing, and the company’s tailors have made a very deliberate attempt to recreate every stitch he wears in the game from his frayed Henley shirt to the bandages around his wrists to the long red coat he made famous.

Even the small metal rivets and zippers of her outfit have been recreated for this figure. The result is a carefully sculpted and sewn tribute to what can be The devil can crythe most iconic character design of. It should also cost $ 2,699.00. For fans with the cash to spare and wanting to run their fingers through Dante’s white hair, Prime 1 Studio also offers a special Black Label version that includes two interchangeable head parts. One head is sculpted from Polystone, while the other is from silicone and one head is full of synthetic hair. Even his eyebrows and beard will be soft, giving this Devil Hunter what can be an unrivaled degree of realism for the price of $ 4,299.00.

At the time of this writing, the sculpture is still in the development phase, which means that some details such as its final weight may change upon release. However, devoted fans can now pre-order these statues and start preemptively making space in their collections. Although this version of Dante is a bit different from the classic version shown in the original games and The devil can cry anime, fans seem to be tentatively in favor of the sculpture, but perhaps not its price.

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Source: Premier 1 Studio

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