Rare Pokemon FireRed game sold at auction for eye-popping amount



Published: 2022-09-27T09:15:20

Updated: 2022-09-27T09:15:38

Pokemon FireRed owners will suddenly keep an eye out for a copy of the classic Pokemon title that recently sold for thousands of dollars.

Vintage Pokemon items have only increased in value over the years, with the multi-billion dollar franchise remaining as popular as ever, and fans of the series desperate to get their hands on some hallowed memorabilia.

With Pokemon Go, the TCG, and Scarlet & Violet keeping the franchise relevant, the desire to pick up some of the series’ old merchandise is only growing.

Rare Pokemon cards such as Shiny Charizards are worth their weight in gold these days, but some of the older Pokemon games also retain their value and more.

Pokemon FireRed copy sells in the thousands

In 2004, The Pokemon Company gave Game Freak the go-ahead to create the franchise’s first remakes – Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen.

These titles were updated and fresher versions of the OG titles in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. They were a big hit and fans flocked to buy them in droves, even long after their initial release.

Now in 2022 it looks like they are worth a lot of money if kept in good condition as it was revealed that a copy of Pokemon FireRed sold for $3,109 through Metropolis Collectibles.

The company specializes in trading and selling all things comics, games, and a ton of other rare merchandise, and the battle for the game has proven to be uphill as it’s been reported that Pokemon FireRed has attracted 21 offers before reaching its conclusion.

The copy of the game was given a 9.6 rating by WataGames, an official rating company, and represents one of the highest ratings that can be given.

Even though this is the first time such a high rating for the game has appeared at auction, it doesn’t appear to be the highest rated version of the game, nor the most expensive purchase.

Digging a little deeper into GoCollect, it looks like a 9.8 Wata rated copy was purchased on 1/11/21 for an eye watering $31,200!

So if you own a copy of Pokemon FireRed, you might want to dig it up and see what condition yours is in.

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