Police action carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, discovery of a large quantity of drugs


The police officers of the Police Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Canton of Tuzla, acting in accordance with the orders of the municipal courts and in accordance with the previously created operational plan for the implementation of joint measures and actions of prevention, detection and identification of Perpetrators of crimes in the field of drug abuse, illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, property crimes, etc., on June 29 and 30, 2022, conducted searches and other planned activities in six locations in the Tuzla Canton area.

During the search, temporarily confiscated objects that could be linked to the commission of criminal acts were also discovered: 11 parcels (of different sizes) containing a white powdery substance resembling the narcotic “amphetamine speed”, 9 parcels (of different sizes) containing cannabis-like plant material, 5 digital scales for precise measurement, an electric machine for vacuum packing, a certain amount of money (Euro and BAM currencies, in different denominations), 1 “CZ” gun with 67 ammunition, 1 pistol gas, as well as other elements that can be used as evidence in subsequent proceedings. The objects and materials found have been temporarily excluded for examination by experts, and the police are taking further measures and actions to document the objects.

As part of the above activities, three people were deprived of their liberty and they will be handed over to the cantonal prosecutor’s office of the canton of Tuzla for further investigation. procedure, while after the completion of the case against two persons (KB and MF), the respective reports will be submitted to the competent prosecutor’s office.

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