Pokemon Go Player gets 41,000 items, 120 times more space


Since Pokemon Go’s inception, there have been a few limitations here and there. One of the most problematic limits in Pokemon Go (in our opinion!) is the bag limit.

Many trainers have to be careful what they collect in their bags, they have to be careful about the number of items inside the bag, and there are other players who get upgrades after upgrades. However, there are players who somehow manage to “cheat” the system.

The last group is owned by a Reddit user named u/bellbang99. The Trainer managed to stack nearly 41,000 items in his bag, but his limit is 350. You might be wondering how that happened?

The Redditor explained to bewildered Trainers that they haven’t run a PokeStop in a while and these items are obtained through Raids, all types of Research, Adventure Sync, and more. The Reddit user clarified that he only spins Gyms for his free Raid Passes.

Overall, the lesson from this Redditor is that you will get these rewards even if you go way over your bag limit.

If you want to see if this is true or not, go ahead and try it. Do not hesitate to give us a feedback once you have tried it.

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