Paddy McGuinness calls Amazon out for ridiculous amount of packaging


Paddy McGuinness pointed out the ridiculousness of Amazon’s packaging.

Taking to Instagram, he shared a clip of him untangling a package from the online retailer. He spent a whole 25 seconds pulling long strands of brown paper out of a box.

Eventually, he revealed the item he had purchased. He had bought a punching bag that was only a fraction of the size of the box.

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Calling out Amazon for the massive amount of recycling it now has to do, the comedian wrote: “Holy shit @jeffbezos how am I supposed to put all this in my gray bin? Trying to save you a few pounds here me old son, don’t need all the wrapping. I ordered a punch bag not a Ming vase! #thursday #amazon #wrapping #greybin #onlyjustbeenemptied.”

Friends and fans flooded the comments as they thought the short video was hilarious. Maxim said, “Sheer madness! I’ve been there.”

Claire said: ‘At first I thought it was a joke reel – fucking hell #excessive’ Meanwhile Sarah said: ‘Jeez, you’ve had a workout removing all the wrappers .”

Sue said: “It’s like the bag from Mary Poppins – it keeps coming!!! Not funny really – did a punching bag really need all that padding? It’s going to knock six bells down The world has gone mad!!”

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