Naughty Dog put a ton of work into The Last of Us remake



The Last of Us Part I remake on PlayStation 5 is not a simple re-release. Naughty Dog has put tremendous effort into the game’s optimizations and performance.

There are two camps around the new Last of Us remake. The first group is massively eager to replay the game on PS5. The other side wonders why the remake is taking place and thinks it’s a waste of time and resources. One thing, however, remains clear: Naughty Dog took the remake very seriously and invested a lot of manpower and technical work in the project.

At Summer Game Fest, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann reveals that the animators spend real hours in the game:

“We found a process, we could take the original animation that we did for the faces and kind of like retarget to these new platforms that have a lot more fidelity. And then the animators came back…everything been rebuilt from the ground up The same re-art art director directed everything from the ground up.

“The great thing about these faces is that they are closer to the original performance. All the animators went to study these videos and got closer to what [Troy and Ashley] done on set that we could have done before.

“One of the things we can talk about is this all new AI, all the combat has been redone. Just the fidelity of everything…60 frames per second, everything you get on the PS5…not just at Because of the series, we’re giving all players on PS5 and PC the definitive version of The Last of Us.”

Naughty Dog put a ton of work into The Last of Us 12 remake |


It’s likely The Last of Us Remake will be a test for more remakes down the line. We should probably expect to see The Last of Us 2 get a similar facelift for PS5 and PC; Sony just revealed that the game has sold over 11 million copies, and a re-release of the remake will help kickstart those sales on two newer platforms.

In short, just as Insomniac uses machine learning inference to provide model warping in Miles Morales on PS5, Naughty Dog is likely using The Last of Us Remake as a jumping off point for more remakes – and more games – to follow. the future.

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