MoistCritikal Reveals the Mind-blowing Amount It Loses on Moist Esports



Published: 2022-09-21T23:05:31

Updated: 2022-09-21T23:09:45

In a recent YouTube video, content creator Charlie “MoistCr1TiKal” White revealed that he’s been running his esports organization with “a massive net loss.”

Charlie “MoistCr1TiKal” White has made some big strides in the content creation space, with one of his biggest being creating his own esports organization.

White founded Moist Esports around August 2021 and has since recruited a plethora of players from a variety of different games.

However, he revealed in a recent YouTube video that he was actually running his esports organization with “a massive net loss” every month, as he described it.

MoistCritikal Runs Moist Esports at Massive Loss

White revealed this information in a YouTube video titled “I Need You”, where he rallied his fans to help him top the Omega Strikers leaderboards to earn a cash reward.

The streamer went on to explain that the cash reward will go “straight into Moist Esports” as he is currently losing quite a bit of money running the organization.

While Cr1TiKal didn’t give specific details on how much money he’s losing running Moist Esports, he did confirm that he’s losing “around six figures a month.”

However, White was quick to downplay the loss and said, “It’s okay because right now all my Twitch salary goes to Moist Esports to keep it growing and keep all the players on a good salary. “

White even said that he “doesn’t hesitate to run [Moist Esports] at a loss” and that he “would do it forever” if need be, but reaffirmed that the Omega Strikers cash reward would go a long way to help him grow the organization.

For those who may not know, the Omega Strikers Twitter account tweeted that “the top 3 ranked creator teams” would earn a percentage of the game’s seasonal net revenue based on placement, with 1st place earning 3% of Season 1 revenue.

Cr1TiKal said, “If we win him, that 3% net income could be extremely helpful” in mitigating the net financial loss he is experiencing on Moist Esports.

The streamer clarified that he was not sponsored by the game, but was simply making his video as a call to action to his viewer base who would like to see Moist Esports grow even further.

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