John Mayer talks about finding the right dose of 80s flavor for Sob Rock: “If he has too much retro DNA, two things happen: I lose interest and I don’t believe it” –



John Mayer spoke about the 80s influence of his upcoming album sob rock, saying he was concerned with making the record feel like “something new” rather than just a throwback.

Mayer detailed his next record while speaking to Blackbird spy plane in a interview published yesterday (July 6).

“As far back as I can remember, I had the idea of ​​making a new record from archival canvas. Not a reprint, but something new, ”Mayer said.

“It’s not a ‘costume’ record. This is what took the longest time, ”he explained. “I started off by saying ‘OK let’s go all out Def Leppard Hysteria on this, ”so I would do that and have a blast, and then listen and scream bullshit about myself.

Mayer went further on the fine line between the influence of the 80s and going back in time. For him, it was about “recalling” the most pronounced (and bizarre) aspects of the time – which he nicknamed “Asymmetrical-neon-sunglasses’ 80s”.

“Yeah, it’s funny to hear a Jackson chorus guitar go through the same amp they were using back then,” he said. “But I had to understand this genetic tightrope walk, where if it has too much retro DNA, two things happen: I lose interest and I just don’t believe it.”

“You really only need eight percent for people to understand the vision. It’s all over eight percent and people say, “Got it, next. “

sob rock will be released next Friday (July 16) via Columbia Records. So far, only one single has been released from the disc: Last train home, which Mayer said was full of “distinct musical references” – listen below.

“I was keen to make the line-up new,” he said. “I take my hat off to the 80s on the performance of the song, but when I play on the acoustics, it doesn’t sound like an 80s song.

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