“It saves a lot of time. This changes things.


In today’s market, multiple offer situations have become the norm. Kathy Damewood, associate broker and team leader at RE/MAX Alliance Group in Englewood, Florida, recently found herself in a situation that will seem familiar to many agents.

Damewood worked with their client to list a repairer, at the sale price. “We received 55 offers on this property in three days,” said Damewood. She used ShowingTime’s Offer Manager to simplify the offer review process for her client as well as streamline communications with agents who needed to break the bad news of their rejected offers to their own clients.

“Before Offer Manager, I literally had to print out every offer. Either I created my own spreadsheet or had to jot down relevant information by hand on a large yellow notepad,” said Damewood, a veteran in the industry for 31 years “It was tedious and a waste of time, and there was no one place to keep track of the documents I needed.”

Using Offer Manager’s side-by-side offer comparison feature, Damewood showed his client all 55 offers for the property, sorted by price. They evaluated the offers together, Damewood easily filtered out the offers that were no longer being considered, and the client chose the best offer for them. “I was able, in one email, to let 54 agents know that unfortunately their buyers weren’t going to get the property. It was a huge time saver,” Damewood said.

Agents know that manually juggling offers is stressful, inefficient and chaotic, but there haven’t been many alternatives.

“Every agent gets tons of spam and has a very noisy inbox,” said Erik Lovell, principal senior product manager for the deals platform at ShowingTime. “The agent is overwhelmed with all the activity and communication, can’t easily separate offers from the rest of their emails, and the whole process is frustrating for everyone involved. We knew there had to be a better way.

Meanwhile, across the country, broker LJ Woodard of One Percent Listing Group in San Diego used Offer Manager to give his client a complete view of all 17 offers he had received on the client’s property. “When the market is slow, it’s not that difficult. But there hasn’t been a slow market since I started in real estate – it seems like it’s always been fast,” said Woodard, who has been in the industry for 15 years.

Like Damewood, Woodard relied on a time-consuming manual process to manage the receipt and sharing of offers. “Right off the bat, I knew Offer Manager was great. He sends offers to clients at the same time they go to the agent, with all the terms arranged,” Woodard said. This is a game changer.

Woodard said his success using Offer Manager is more than about saving time — he’s also winning listings. “In a market like this, it’s hard to get listings. It’s important to have a really good business presentation,” Woodard said. “I use Offer Manager in my listing presentation as a sales feature. It’s high tech and it’s real-time, and it keeps the seller up to date with what’s really going on.

When asked to describe in one word how Offer Manager changed his business, Woodard replied, “Efficiency. From setting up, getting listed, managing, processing, accepting and rejecting offers, to communicating with buyers’ agents throughout the process, it’s simply super efficient. »

Offer Manager is an add-on to the ShowingTime platform, so users can get started right away without having to learn a new app. Learn more about options for using Deal Manager for yourself, your team, or your brokerage.

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