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The digital creation tutor can help you quickly improve your paraphrasing skills. Here’s how.

Write your paraphrase, just click the Paraphrase Checker button and copy-paste the text from the resource into the textual content area. Click Test, and the paraphrase checker will cycle through your text content to the first text content. It will underline the words and phrases that prevail in both texts.

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Moreover, it will calculate the similarity of the two texts with a rating. For best results, check one particular sentence at a time and aim for a paraphrase score below 50%. See the paraphrase checker page for additional data and sample text to check. Instead of this paraphrase checker, check out a paraphrase resource or understand how to paraphrase a resource appropriately. Trial sketch. By clicking the Essay Outliner button, customers can get help generating essay outlines for a few popular academic speech patterns: Opinion Essay, Online Priority Registration Purchase Essay reddit and the argument essay. These few pieces of equipment make the process of preparing and producing persuasive essays less difficult and faster. For another essay describing software, try this essay card.

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For help with a thesis statement, check out this thesis builder. One-way comments and links. Members can view texts and comments from past grammar checks. Clicking the My Feedback and Backlinks button is a great way to assess your issues.

You can also see a prioritized summary of the one-way links that were generated along with the feedback you get. In this way, the creative virtual tutor generates a personalized and prioritized language comprehension program for almost all members. Error correction recreation. Members can practice a sport on the game site which offers to follow the acquisition and correction of popular defects of the 2nd language. There are a thousand sentences in the database with which to observe. Exchange of correspondents. Teachers, you can do absolutely free interactive writing assignments on the digital production tutor, with computerized grading and suggestions on spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. You can learn more about the educational benefits of pen pal dialing, learn about the attributes of the pen pal exchange system, and share this introduction to pen pal dialing with your students. This matching technique is facilitated by instructors for their students.

It is not a correspondence aid. Hypertext storytelling creator. Create interactive hypertext stories with visuals using the VWT’s hypertext authoring resource. You can export your story as HTML with jQuery, basic HTML or in an iframe to embed in your blog site or website.

Hypertext stories are so fun to construct and read, and hypertext stories can prompt their authors to think about the causal relationships between decisions and their outcomes in everyday life. Using Virtual Composing Tutor’s hypertext storytelling creator, you can test your story for spelling issues, grammatical errors, and subject-relevant vocabulary without leaving the editor. View examples of hypertext stories produced using the Virtual Craft Tutor here. Grammar checker forum. When the grammar checker finds no flaws to correct in your textual content, you may wonder what to do next. Well, you can normally submit it to the Virtual Crafting Tutor community forum for suggestions on further improvements to your grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, and text quality.

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