Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.05 Brings A Decent Amount Of Fixes



Guerrilla has just dropped the first major patch for Horizon Forbidden West. It fixes some major quest issues, a bunch of general fixes including overly sharp gameplay in HDR mode, and a bunch of other small issues with the game.

The team has also acknowledged the issue below which includes graphical issues such as screen flickering, blurring, and saturation.

  • The team is prioritizing several graphical issues reported by players regarding screen flickering, sharpness, and saturation when moving the camera.

  • Some players are experiencing an issue with infinite loading screens when trying to load into Melee Pits.

  • Some players are experiencing an issue where Aloy’s outfit appears blurry in photo mode.

  • Some players are experiencing an issue in the “Reach for the Stars” main quest where Aloy cannot interact with a Machine Hulk, blocking progress.


Main Quests

  • Fixed an issue in the main quest “Reach for the Stars” where reloading a certain autosave after completing the first quest could block progress.

  • Fixed an issue during the “Eye of the Earth” interlude where Aloy could fall out of the world after skipping a cutscene.

  • Fixed an issue in the “Cradle of Echoes” main quest where Varl would get lost when reloading from a save.

  • Fixed an issue in the main quest “The Sea of ​​Sand” affecting several grapple points.

Side quests and races

  • Fixed an issue in the “Blood Choke” side quest where Atekka appeared to be falling from the sky.

  • Fixed a progression issue in the “In the Fog” side quest related to fast travel during the quest.

  • Fixed an issue in the “Night of Lights” run quest where a shrink box could get stuck and block quest progress.

Global activities

  • Fixed an issue where Relic Ruin: The Daunt could not be started under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue in The Greenswell: Plowhorn and the Plants Salvage Contract where an optional objective could not be completed if the required item was sent to the player’s stash.

  • A rogue Tallneck near Sentinel Sand who sometimes changed the direction of his route was punished.

Gameplay fixes

General fixes

  • Over-sharpening of the image in HDR mode has been corrected.

  • Fixed an issue where some settlements would come in and then go out under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue where the HUD would flicker when the player performs a loot action.

  • Fixed an issue where quickly opening and closing the map could cause graphical anomalies.

  • Fixed an issue where Aloy’s animation would sometimes shake quickly when climbing after picking up a plant has been fixed.

  • Fixed a global issue where Aloy’s gaze direction, or that of some NPCs, was incorrect.

  • Fixed multiple cases where Aloy, NPCs, or enemies could get stuck in geometry.

  • Fixed an issue where roads and icons on the map would sometimes appear with a delay.

  • Fixed several streaming issues and unintended loading screens.

  • NPCs that seemed to suffer from insomnia and congregate in large groups at night in settlements should act more naturally now.

  • Petra will no longer teleport to her seat inside the Chainscrape Brewery if followed immediately after the initial conversation with her.

Crash fixes


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