Hooters TikToker Sparks Debate After Revealing A Surprising Amount Of Tips


A Hooters TikTok employee has revealed how much customers would tip their waitresses, leaving other TikTokers surprised in the process.

Employees from all facets of the service industry all over TikTok. Often revealing the mysteries of secret menus or the work environment itself, TikToker @notericalink shed light on a day in the life of a Hooters waitress.

Tipping culture never fails to motivate people on TikTok, as Erica’s tipping earnings give way to an ongoing debate.

As with any bar or restaurant, there will be lulls when the place is nearly empty. In the case of TikToker @notericalink, waitress Hooters showed just how much of a “slow day” you can win.

In a series of videos chronicling an average change from Hooters, the TikToker said: “Okay so this is literally so fucking dead…my very first table his shit was $25 and he left me a $20 bill, so that was good.”

While Erica’s second table wasn’t as successful, the TikToker added, “my third table his shit was $14 and he left $4 and his Snapchat.”

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As TikToker tips have fluctuated throughout the day, many TikTok users have quoted what they think is the correct amount when it comes to thanking our waiters and waitresses. One user, @SimplyJoyce, said “the minimum tip in Canada is generally 15% of your total bill”.

Another TikTok commenter agreed: “I usually tip at least 15% if I don’t have that much money, but if I have more I tip $20 on average, but it usually depends on my total.”

While most TikToker users are generous with their tips, others playfully mocked some of Erica’s customers: “How is he going to tip $4 and then try to tip you his Snapchat?”

Across the pond in the UK, TikTok commenters weighed in on cultural differences, joking: “Lol, we can legitimately never tip in England, we’re crazy.”

TikTok user @chantal_lucyr added that “tipping culture is horrible. that’s why I do takeout.

Regardless of the restaurant, the timeless debate over tipping continues to rage.

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