Governor announces PFD amount for 2022



PALMER, Alaska (KTUU) — Governor Mike Dunleavy announced the dollar amount of Three Bears’ 2022 permanent fund dividend to Palmer.

Dunleavy said the PFD payout would be $3,284 — the largest payout over the PFD’s 41-year period.

In May, the legislature passed a “compromise” budget which combined the PFD with additional energy relief control. Both will be paid on September 20 eligible Alaska residents who have requested to receive payment electronically.

“It will be the largest PFD in Alaska state history,” Dunleavy said. “I want to thank the lawmakers who really helped make this happen.”

The $662 supplemental energy relief check passed by the Alaska Legislature is included in the $3,284 figure, bringing the dollar amount for the PFD payment alone to $2,622 – which is slightly higher than the previous record for the largest payout in 2008. That year, payment was $3,269 total – with a PFD of $2,069 and an additional $1,200 resource discount.

Adjusted for inflation, the 2008 PFD would be $2,604 today. Last year, 636,895 Alaskans received a check for $1,114 for a total distribution amount of $709,501,030.

“The PFD has been with us for decades, it should be with us for decades more, and it’s a great way to share the royal wealth of the State of Alaska with all Alaskans,” Dunleavy said. .

Dunleavy hosted Wasilla resident Miranda Wagoner and Jessica Viera, executive director of the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce, to talk about the impact of the annual payments.

Alaskans unsure of the status of their PFD application can check the MyPFD website.

This article has been corrected to reflect the correct amount of the 2022 PFD at $2,622 with an energy rebate check of $662 after confirmation from a Department of Revenue spokesperson.

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