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Now is when employees start planning their vacations and time off for next year. although my company doesn’t require you to schedule all of your free time, some companies do.

So how do you get the most free time while using the least amount of vacation time? Someone on Twitter figured it out.

It’s about taking slices of time at the right time. Obviously, this won’t work for everyone, but you can use it as a guide for your own built-in vacations and paid time off.

The tweet took into account that you have 18 vacation days a year. But, you can figure it out for any number of rest days per year. Even if you have far fewer days off, you can still maximize your free time by combining holidays and vacation days.

That’s how the tweet states it.

  • Take some time off in January: Take the Thursday and Friday before Martin Luther King Day. If you also have that Monday off, that’s a five-day break with just two PTO days.
  • Take a week in April and get 10 days. If your job takes built-in holidays on Good Friday and Easter, just take Monday through Friday to get a ten-day break with just five PTO days.
  • Get Four Days Off in July: Take PTO on Monday, July 3, 2023. With the weekend and counting July 4 on Tuesday, that’s a four-day weekend using just one day of PTO. strength.
  • Super long Thanksgiving break. Take the whole week after Veterans Day and the three days before Thanksgiving. This only requires eight vacation days, but you get SEVENTEEN consecutive vacation days. YES!!
  • Use December to plan more time for your family and vacations. Take away the days between Christmas and New Years, and you’ll have 10 consecutive days off and only use four days of PTO.

The key will be to plan your free time before everyone else. This way you get what you want and feel like you have more free time than the vacation days you have.

Thanks, Ghost (@afashola_)

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