Florida girl stabbed ‘horrific’ number of times: Sheriff


The 13-year-old Florida cheerleader who was found dead Sunday in a remote woodland area of ​​the state has been stabbed a “horrific” number of times, according to a new report.

St. Johns County Sheriff Rob Hardwick shared the revelation in an interview Tuesday with WJXT, where he also called Tristyn Bailey’s death a “cold-blooded murder.”

Bailey’s seventh-year classmate Aiden Fucci, 14, has been arrested for his murder.

Details surrounding Bailey’s death were scarce, but earlier Tuesday the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said the medical examiner ruled it was a homicide caused by “violent trauma by stab “, according to the report.

“That being said, I don’t want to mention the number of times, but it’s horrible. It’s horrible, ”Hardwick told the outlet.

“And the word accident is nowhere implied in this matter.

Aiden Fucci (right), a seventh-grade classmate of Tristyn Bailey, has been arrested in her murder.
St. Johns Sherrif County

Hardwick said Fucci was the only suspect in his office. The boy was arrested Monday for second degree murder.

“This is the cold-blooded murder of a 13-year-old girl who did not deserve to die,” the sheriff said.

On Tuesday morning, Fucci was ordered to remain in juvenile detention for the next 21 days while prosecutors decide whether to charge him as an adult.

Tristyn bailey
Tristyn Bailey was found dead on May 9, 2021, after being stabbed multiple times.
St. Johns Sherrif County

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