‘Day of Hope’ costs school system just $200 less than required for school board approval



BATON ROUGE – Dozens of students, parents and teachers have alleged all of civil rights violations at violation of federal law on a school-sanctioned field trip.

The elderly of East Baton Rouge were expecting to attend a college fair, but ended up at what many described as a church service, with lectures on suicide and rape.

According to documents, EBR schools agreed to pay $9,800 to 29:11 Ministries for “Day of Hope.”

The price of the field trip was oddly just below the $10,000 threshold for the school board to vote on it.

School board vice president Dawn Chanet Collins said the event would have come under much more scrutiny if it had to go through them.

“It is incumbent upon us as a school system to ensure that we put controls in place to ensure that when these types of stories and experiences are shared, they are shared in a way and in a format that does not not cause more trauma,” Collins said. .

The school system told WBRZ that it has yet to pay the full amount because it has not received the bill from Ministries 29:11. A source said the school system would not pay for the Day of Hope field trip.

Organization leader Tremaine Sterling did not return calls or emails on Tuesday.

After our 6 p.m. show, the school district offered an answer that didn’t match insinuating that he never did any substantive research on the group that hosted Day of Hope, the 29:11 organization.

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