Congress suspends 3 MPs from Jharkhand caught with huge sum of cash in Bengal


New Delhi: A day after West Bengal police nabbed three Congress MPs from Jharkhand with a huge amount of cash in Howrah, the Congress party on Sunday suspended three MPs, who were detained with a huge amount of cash in West Bengal Saturday, with immediate effect. The party’s move came after it sought to link the matter to the BJP, claiming the three leaders had received money to bring down the state government.Also Read – Huge amount of cash recovered from Jharkhand Congress MP’s vehicle in Howrah, West Bengal

Speaking to the media, Jharkhand Congress General Secretary and Party in Charge, Avinash Pande said, “The three MPs, who were detained with a mountain of cash yesterday, have been suspended from the party with immediate effect.” .

The three MPs, Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Kachchap and Naman Bixal Kongari were traveling in an SUV on National Highway 16 at Ranihati in Bengal when police intercepted their vehicle. Relatives of Congress MP Irfan Ansari have refuted claims that the BJP is trying to destabilize the JMM-Cong coalition government in Jharkhand, making the startling claim “the government cannot be overthrown with just a meager sum of Rs 40 -50 lakh”

Relatives of Ansari, the man who was arrested in Howrah district, West Bengal, on Saturday night after a huge amount of cash was found in his vehicle, said he was in Howrah to “shopping, especially sarees” ahead of the upcoming holiday season. and was therefore carrying a huge amount of money.
Notably, the JMM (Jharkhand Mukti Morcha)-Congress alliance is in power in Jharkhand and the BJP is in opposition.

Three Jharkhand Congress MPs were arrested in Howrah district of West Bengal on Saturday night after a huge amount of cash was found in their vehicle, police said. The SUV in which MPs Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Kachchap and Naman Bixal Kongari were traveling was intercepted on National Road 16 in Ranihati in the area of ​​Panchla police station.

“We received specific information based on which we stopped the car. Three MPs from Jharkhand were in the car and we found a lot of money inside. We had to ask for a counting machine because of the volume of cash. We will only be able to say how much cash has been recovered after the full count,” said SP Rural Howrah Swati Bhangalia.

Speaking to reporters today on this development, Mohammad Azharuddin, relative of MP Irfan Ansari, said: “The information we have with us is equivalent to what all of you (journalists) have. It is more important for us to know exactly what the incident was. He (Ansari) comes here (Howrah) every year to buy various items like sarees before the festive season, especially for the Durga Puja celebrations which will take place in September.

“All MPs are good friends. They like to travel together and so they had around Rs 40-50 lakhs of cash in their car. Rs 40-50 lakhs will not be enough to bring down a government from power,” he added. Imran Ansari, the brother of MPP Irfan Ansari, said: “News channels claim millions of euros in cash were recovered from the vehicle. My brother came here for shopping, especially sarees. Adivasis Diwas, Durga Puja diwas ke liye shopping karne aaye the. (We came here for shopping for Adivasis Diwas, Durga Puja). At this time, it will be cheaper to buy sarees as it is not the peak of the festive season.

In a tweet, Trinamool’s ruling Congress referred to “bargaining rumors and the possible overthrow of the Jharkhand government”. Chief Minister and Trinamool boss Mamata Banerjee had recently accused the BJP of trying to force a change of government in Jharkhand after the recent change in Maharashtra. The BJP did not react specifically to this.

Responding to Congress allegations against the BJP, Union Minister Arjun Munda said on Sunday that the big old party was making allegations to hide its corrupt practices. Munda has responded to baseless accusations made by the Congress party after the big old party alleged that the BJP overthrew the government of Jharkhand through ‘Operation Lotus’.

Congress has brought charges against the BJP after three Congress MPs from Jharkhand were detained in Bengal after a ‘huge amount’ of cash was found in their vehicle in West Bengal, the party has accused the BJP of overthrowing the government of Jharkhand through “Operation Lotus”.

Jharkhand party leader Rajesh Thakur also alleged that it was a BJP plot to destabilize the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha-Congress alliance government in a state like Maharashtra.

Responding to Rajesh Thakur’s allegations, the Union Minister said: “Congress is making baseless allegations. The Congress accuses the BJP of destabilizing the government of Jharkhand to hide its corrupt practices. The Congress party has a habit of throwing baseless allegations against others to hide their own mistakes under the rug. Trying to cover up your mistakes with words won’t be enough. The truth is visible to everyone. A huge sum of money was recovered from their car. They (Congress members) have to explain where all the money taken from the car came from. They must say what they were doing in Bengal with a huge sum of money.

Recently, West Bengal Minister Partha Chatterjee was stripped of his portfolios and Trinamool Congress posts by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday, six days after he was arrested by the Law Enforcement Branch in the part of the cash-for-jobs scandal, in which the agency has so far recouped over Rs 50 crore.

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