Chiefs Wideout shares photo of insane amount of bill racked up by veterans for rookie dinner


Those who have long followed the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL in general know that rookie hazing is common practice in the league.

Rarely, if ever, do teams fall out to extremes like in movies or TV shows. However, hazing can still be quite a trying experience for beginners, with shaved heads and menial tasks. It can also have a high price.

This was revealed when a Chiefs rookie showed the bill he had to pay for what was supposed to be a team dinner. Wide receiver Skyy Moore had to pay the bill for dinner at the Chophouse in Kansas City, Missouri.

However, after his card was declined twice, Marquez Valdes-Scantling reportedly paid the amount. Moore took a photo of Bill and posted it to Twitter.

The first notable detail is the price. In total the dinner was $22,730.00 before tip. Taxes on the meal were $2,730.00. Instead of breaking down the cost of each item like most receipts do, Moore was greeted with just two categories: dinner and wine. Dinner was $18,000.00 and wine was $2,000.00.

When the waitress hands you the bill for the beginners dinner…….

State of Kansas City Chiefs entering 2022

Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

At this point, most if not all would call the Patrick Mahomes experiment a success. Since the Chiefs drafted him, they’ve gone to two Super Bowls and a Lombardi Trophy. They’ve had a top offense every year and their seasons have lasted longer than 29 other teams every season since he took over as the starter.

Chiefs WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling says he was pranked as a Green Bay rookie, so he passed it on to @skyymoore24 whose card was declined twice. MVS said he was sweating quite well. #ChiefsKingdom

However, the more recent years for the team have been less productive than Mahomes’ early years. In other words, many fear that the team is in decline. In 2019 they won the Super Bowl but in 2020 they were blown out of the Super Bowl. In 2021, they failed to reach the big game.

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Now, heading into 2022, they have lost their best receiver to Tyreek Hill, while AFC West is very different from what it has been in recent years.

The Denver Broncos now have Russell Wilson, while the Las Vegas Raiders have added Davante Adams. The Los Angeles Chargers now have Khalil Mack and JC Jackson along with a more experienced Justin Herbert.

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Simply put, many fear the Chiefs will continue to face increased competition and reduced firepower. The 2022 season could serve as a tipping point for the organization.

Is Kansas’ hegemonic reign in the division coming to an end or will the team break the will of the other teams in the division who sold out to stop them?

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