Alarming number of UK employees are bored at work


The OC Tanner Institute is behind the study to determine how bored employees are at work around the world, interviewing nearly 10,000 respondents from companies with more than 500 employees in 12 countries.

But breaking down the UK, around 40 percent of 1,100 people surveyed admitted they were bored at work.

The reason they seem to find their tasks mundane may be related to the fact that only 45 percent of employees learn new skills in their role.

Meanwhile, more than half believe their existing skills are wasted and untapped. As a result, only 44% feel that they have experienced personal development since joining their company.

“It’s mind-boggling that so many workers feel their work is mundane and don’t do much to challenge it?” Says Ian Feaver, European Director of OC Tanner.

“It is clear from the study that many organizations fail to find new opportunities for their employees. It’s not just about career development. It’s about stretching workers by teaching them new skills, allowing them to connect with a wide range of employees and giving them opportunities to help influence important decisions.

“Organizations that fail to address the boredom and apathy of their workforce will be held back, offering little innovation while struggling to retain their talent.

A study on boring jobs previously found that those most likely to be bored at work worked in the legal industry, with 81 percent of workers admitting to being bored. The sector was closely followed by those of project management and support functions.?

As for the employees who are most bored at work, it is those in entry-level positions who are fed up with them, with the United Arab Emirates and Italy being the places most likely to create boredom in the workplace. .

Alice Leguay, Co-Founder and COO at, said: “Without an inspiring leadership figure or an exciting professional challenge to motivate young team members, boredom will set in quickly.

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