5 things that equal drug addiction that you didn’t know


Drug addiction applies not only to taking hard drugs, but also to taking prescribed medications in an off-prescription or excessive manner. Using more than the required dose is one of the many ways controlled or prescribed drugs are abused, however, there are many other ways people abuse drugs in their daily lives.


While some people are aware of their abuse of these substances, others are completely unaware of the harmfulness of the things they consume.

Here is a list of things that equal drug addiction that everyone should be aware of:

  1. Excessive use of prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs

Pain relievers like paracetamol have become one of the most abused drugs and many people take them innocently to relieve headaches or more severe pain. Although it may seem convenient to consume these types of drugs without a prescription, it causes more danger to the body system than one might think.

  1. Alcohol poisoning

Drinking alcohol is another very common and it can be abused when consumed in excess leading to drunkenness. Everyone reacts differently to alcohol; some people are more tolerant than others, but drinking too regularly can lead to alcohol poisoning or adverse mental and physical state.

  1. Eccentric drug use

Some people argue that substances like marijuana have health benefits and are not addictive. To research however, proved this wrong and even confirmed that marijuana is the most commonly used addictive drug after tobacco and alcohol – and has a number of short and long term effects that could also affect brain development.

  1. Caffeine addiction

Caffeine addiction is the excessive consumption of caffeine over time, which adversely affects health. Caffeine addicts cannot function without starting their day with coffee. It is important to know that caffeine is also contained in foods such as chocolate and some energy drinks, as such they should be taken with caution.

  1. Synthetic drugs

Although these types of drugs are not considered illegal, they are just as dangerous. Synthetic drugs are extremely intoxicating and mimic the effects of illegal drugs. Some common examples are bath salts, ecstasy, LSD, etc.

Many young Nigerians engage in this type of activity which they do not consider drug addiction and try to get “high” by any means possible. It is therefore important for companies and organizations to step up their efforts to enlighten and educate people on the issue of drug abuse. MTN Nigeria, across the MTN Foundation established the annual Substance Abuse Awareness Program (ASAP) to educate people about the dangers of drug abuse, provide counselling/therapy, and rehabilitate addicts on their journey out of addiction .

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